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We were thrilled to have the accomplished Sheetal Deo, Founder and Principal Solicitor at Shakti Legal Solutions, Project Manager at Diversity Council Australia and Founder of The Diversity Collective. 

Sheetal is an inspiration to lawyers and firms everywhere as a beacon for diversity in law. She shares her strategies on how firms can authentically engage in diversity beyond compliance and address the access to justice gap that exists in society. Her involvement with Diversity Counsel Australia shows groundbreaking initiatives by taking a systems-based approach to understand the lack of diversity in leadership positions as well as racial literacy in firms. Sheetal believes that diversity and inclusion work is a journey, not a quick fix, and that with inclusive processes and procedures around people of diverse backgrounds, an equitable workplace can be created. 

 👉 Tune in to understand how Shakti advocates for diversity in law and discover her incredible journey so far. 

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