Lawyers Weekly: Navigating Burnout and Career Reflection with Jesse Shah

We’re honoured to have Jesse Shah as a guest on this week’s Lawyers Weekly podcast show.

Host Jerome Doraisamy welcomes back nrol director Jesse Shah as they delve into the proliferation of burnout among legal professionals in the post-pandemic environment and its impact on perceptions of the job market in law right now.

Jesse Shah discusses the complexity of burnout and factors driving it in the current climate, recent studies detailing the extent to which lawyers are currently suffering, what is being seen on the ground right now with candidates, and what recruiters across sectors have to navigate as a result.

Throughout the episode, Jesse Shah also explores some of the lessons coming out of conversations being had with candidates right now as it pertains to burnout in the profession, whether the current climate is making candidates rethink what they want in a legal job, what they are valuing right now, some practical steps that candidates can take to ask themselves the right questions in order to seek a suitable role, and his guidance for those looking to wade through the ongoing turbulence of the new normal.

An episode not to be missed. Click here to listen

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