Let’s nrol: Elizabeth Mulhall, diversity champion, board member and director

In our inaugural episode, Jesse talks to Elizabeth Mulhall, Board member of the Victorian ICT for Women’s Network, Director of What’s Hot in IT, and an inspiring leader within technology.

We talk about her rise through the ranks in tech, talking about her work with the Victorian ICT for Women Network and What’s Hot in IT. We discuss how through this work she’s helping with furthering the entry, retention, and progression of women in technology, addressing how we still face issues of diversity and inclusion in the industry. We also address and discuss solutions to help more women progress and join the world of technology.

With International Women’s Day approaching, this episode hopefully sends a message to all. It’s 2022 and I still can’t believe we are facing issues such as diversity and inclusion within one of the fastest-growing career options and sectors: Technology. It is time for a serious joint effort from all to make 2022 the year of change in the industry.

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