Let’s nrol: Kruti Patel, moving from India to Australia and becoming a Women in Tech leader

In episode #2, Jesse talks to Kruti Patel, software development guru. But she’s much more than that, she’s the founder of Young Coders, a women in technology advocate, and a renowned speaker within the tech community.

We talk about her move from India to Australia, the challenges she faced in the switch. We look at how tech teams and companies work differently in both countries, from skills and leadership perspective.

Being a woman leader in technology, we address the challenges she’s encountered in a male dominant career, as well as advice she has for women in tech looking to rise up the ranks.

And finally, we talk about the amazing works she’s doing with her non-for-profit organization- Young Coders, who are targeting diversity in tech issues at ground level. An episode worth the listen.

Listen to the full episode here:


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